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Who are we?

My name is Eliana Tardio, I am the editor and owner of this page and its related social media platforms. I started my career as a blogger more than ten years ago inspired in the lives of my two children who happen to have Down syndrome. Along with my children, we create content that promotes inclusion and diversity. They are my models and inspiration, and therefore, the face of my brand. Their typical experiences living with special needs inspire hundreds of thousands around the world. Through our lives, we promote these important values hoping to make of the world a more inclusive place for everyone.

You can read my curriculum vitae at this link. 

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We develop sponsored content and will help you promote your product, brand, or organization through an innovative, unique, and well-developed message. We have worked with tons of brands and organization over the years. These are some of them:

Interested Strengthening Your Inclusion and Diversity Image?

  • We develop inclusive marketing strategies for private organizations and nonprofit agencies.
  • Why be monolingual if you can be bilingual and attract twice the traffic to your website, and therefore, to your services. We don’t translate pages, we go further, as we create and develop culturally appropriate content.
  • Looking for a bilingual educational material developer. Here we are!
  • Diversity speaker, storyteller, and Latina mother of two children with special needs. That’s me!
  • Diversity spokesperson for brands and organizations with a serious and honest focus on diversity and inclusion.


Experience as a Diversity and Inclusion International Speaker 

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Who are we?

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  1. Hello. I am with a coalition called Project Empower of Northwest Florida, Inc. a not for profit 501c3 that help people with disabilities live better lives in their communities. Project Empower is applying for a federal grant from the Department of Education to become a Community Families Resource Center that will be like a one-stop shop providing information to assist families. The targeted age group is birth to 26 year old, parents with children with disabilities, parents that have a disability, low income families and families with low English proficiency. The grant is due April 11, 2016. We would like a letter of support from your organization. Please contact me by email and/or phone at 850-503-6090 so we can discuss further.

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